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Hartland School's Third Social/Emotional Learning Afternoon
Posted 06/09/2017 04:18PM

Hartland School's Climate and Safety Committee is excited to announce that we hosted our third SEL afternoon today, June 9th. Thank you to all the teachers, staff and community members who made these experiences possible.

Primary grade students (k-3) participated in a "move-up" day activity for the first part of the afternoon. Students met their teacher for the upcoming year and learned about new routines, expectations, topics of learning, and had opportunities to ask their future teacher any questions they may have. Some teachers also read stories and integrated activities into their "move-up" day. In addition to "move up" day,, students in grades K-4 completed a letter to their teacher for next year. They reflected on their favorite memories of their current year, strengths, difficulties, strategies that help them, important qualities in a friend, and things they learned about this year.

Students in grades k-5 also attended Genius Hour, presented by students in grade 5. Each 5th grader completed a research project on a topic of their own choice, and has written an essay about it as well as prepared some kind of presentations, including posters, products, or powerpoints. They presented their topic to k-4 students in small groups, and facilitated a reciprocal evaluation between the 5th graders presentation skills, and the audience's ability to listen carefully and ask meaningful questions. The 5th grade did a fabulous job creating and presenting their topics. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication!

Students in grades 6-8 students participated in an assembly presented by AnneMarie Cox of Granby Youth Services. AnneMarie led an engaging conversation about healthy social relationships, including friendships and dating relationships. Students began by playing "relationship bingo," during which they were asked to identify the most important qualities in a friendship, and match others with similar preferences. Students then discussed types of helpful and harmful behaviors in friendship/dating relationships, including physical harm (including having boundaries), and emotional harm, and analyzed scenarios in which harmful behaviors were occurring. Afterwards, students analyzed their own friendship/dating boundaries and levels of tolerance, and determined if they would stay or leave a relationship based on the details given in a scenario. Finally, students discussed how to be supportive and caring friends, specifically towards friends who may be involved in a harmful relationship. Middle Schoolers handled these delicate topics with maturity and did a remarkable job representing Hartland School by being an engaged audience, answering questions with poise, and asking meaningful questions.

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